Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy new or used?

- As new vehicles depreciate the day you pick them up, buying a “newer” used vehicle can save you thousands since somebody has already paid for that depreciation!

How do I get financing set up?

- We have trained financial services staff onsite to get you the best rates possible at the time of purchase.  You just pick the vehicle you want, let us worry about the financing!

Do used vehicles have warranty?

- Most of our used vehicles have their balance of warranty offered by the manufacturer when they are purchased new, that is free of charge and transfers to you, but for the vehicles that don’t have any left, or if you would like to add to the remaining warranty, we offer First Canadian Extended warranty policies that can be customized made to suit your needs!

Do you take trades that I owe money on?

- Yes, we accept all trades, even with money left owing on them, even if you owe more than your trade is worth!

Do you offer a delivery service?

- We will deliver anywhere in Canada free of charge!

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Car Max Canada is located in Calgary, Alberta and also serves Red Deer, Lethbridge, Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks and Strathmore.

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