Used Cars That Retain Their Value

Because buying a new car can be pricey, many people opt to buy used cars. The process can be a tough decision, but in the long run servicing your new car will be much more cost-effective. Worrying about quality, price and dependability are only the beginning of the buyer’s issues. What most used car shoppers forget about is the decrease in value that their car will experience over the coming years. However, some car brands have it easier in this aspect.


The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been proven to depreciate more slowly than other vehicles currently on the market. It’s a mid-size SUV made for the outdoors, and its diversity in functions knows no equal. According to the Kelley Blue Book, this Toyota on average resells for 70% of its original value.


Yet another Toyota takes second place. At approximately a 61% resale value, the Toyota Tacoma proves to be as resilient as it is reliable. This model has earned dozens of awards since it was released, and doesn’t seem to be decreasing in reputation. Most people who own a Tacoma report that, if properly taken care of, they can be driven for practically forever; yet another bit of evidence that servicing your used car is your best bet.


Next comes the favorite of most outdoorsmen: the Jeep Wrangler. At a resale value of 59%, Wranglers are excellent for those who often deal with snow or ice, or simply enjoy a breeze and some open sky while driving. While they may not be good for hauling around the kids, these vehicles are perfect for the adventurous spirit.


Unsurprisingly, yet another Toyota comes in fourth place; the Toyota 4Runner. This SUV is designed for functionality and those who need more out of their cars than just a ride to work. The many perks offered in this model set the resale value at 56%.


As far as the depreciation of vehicles goes, sports cars’ values often plummet. However, this is not true for the Chevrolet Corvette, which on average resells for 54% of its original value. Its standard luxuries ensure that anyone who owns one of these beauties need not worry when it’s time to sell.


These vehicles stand out from their peers when it comes to function and depreciation. While these may not be “the ones” for every buyer, you should keep in mind the resale value of your used car.